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December 2014 – Greetings from LPP | How to Stop Credit Offers
September 2014 – LPP News Update | Portal Tips
July 2014 – Protecting your Personal Information | Upcoming Events: Shredding Party and 5K run
May 2014 – LPP News Update – Q2′s Planning; FF 5K Run | A Balancing Act – COJ Pension Fund
March 2014 – LPP News Update – Next client party; 5K run; shred event | Diversification By Design
December 2013 – LPP News Update | To Fee or Not to Fee – That is the Question
September 2013 – LPP’s outing to the Financial Fitness 5K Run; Pictures too !!
August 2013 – LPP News update | Financial Fitness 5K Run | Bonds and the “Motor City Meltdown”
May 2013 – LPP News update | Tax Efficient Investing
February 2013 – LPP News update | The Pursuit of Yield
November 2012
– Upcoming Tax Changes that will Affect Your Planning
August 2012 – Six Things to Protect from Cyber-theft | Whitewashing Fund Performance
March 2012 – Shredding Party | New Client Vaults | Hindsight Bias
November 2011 – Planning with the End in Mind | Why Passive Investing Rocks
March 2011 – Preparing for Chronic Illness | Does It Pay to be Active? (investment management-wise)
December 2010 – First issue: What’s Better? A financial plan or financial planning? | Money and Politics