Advisors Counsel Clients to Quell 2015 Investing Fears

Posted 11/21/2014 by Jim Pavia at CNBC

Financial advisors have come to understand that they are a combination of money manager, financial planner and psychologist. With that said, many advisors are now meeting with their clients to help them get their financial houses in order as they prepare for 2015. Read More at CNBC.

InvestmentNews Retirement Income Summit – May 13, 2013

Carolyn McClanahan discusses how – and why – advisers now need to address medical and health care costs as part of financial planning.

Chris Matthews on MSNBC show HARDBALL – October 2011

Carolyn speaks about her chance encounter seated next to Presidential candidate Mitt Romney on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Boston.

Affordable Health Care Act of 2011 – August 2012

As a financial and health care blogger for, Carolyn put together this ‘Cliffs Notes’ overview summarizing the main points to help people understand what is in this sweeping legislation. Affordable Health Care Act – Carolyn McClanahan’s Cliffs Notes Version from Carolyn McClanahan on Vimeo.

NAPFA’s Money Bus In Jacksonville – February 2009

Posted 11/21/2014 by Jim Pavia at CNBC The Your Money Bus tour was in Jacksonville, FL on February 2, 2009 to provide free financial advice to residents. Carolyn McClanahan provides her thoughts on the tour and the world of finance.