Financial life planning at Life Planning Partners, Inc. is a holistic approach that addresses all facets of life. Our data-gathering process may seem intensive, but only by knowing how you live, which includes your lifestyle, health, finances, family structure, values, and goals, can we form a “financial life plan” to help you achieve a great life today and in the future.

To make the most of the initial meeting, review the What to Bring document, available on our Client Forms page. This gives you a good start on the information we will review regarding current assets, insurance policies, and estate planning documents.

The Money Personality questionnaire helps us determine your attitude toward investing to create an investment strategy favorable to your circumstances. Please bring these documents to the first meeting so we can get started.

In the initial meeting, we will address issues of importance to you, provide an overall view of your situation, and give general advice on what needs to be completed. For people with complex planning needs, who desire to become an ongoing client, we will set a timeframe to complete and implement a financial life plan. We review different aspects of your financial life plan quarterly, including goal planning, insurance reviews, investment reviews, tax, cash flow, and estate planning. Goals are tracked, and changes are made based on your progress, or changes in tax laws, estate planning laws, and investment goals.

We keep abreast of situations in the world and your life to help you maximize your opportunities and potential. Contact us with your questions at 904.448.5158 or to schedule an appointment to meet with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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