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Infertility treatment is burying families in debt as they choose to have children later in life By Katie Young, Jessica Dickler

CNBC, 28th April 2019

How to save for the future when it’s uncertain By Annie Nova

CNBC, 4th April 2019

Medicare won’t cover this key expense, and it’s eating into retirees’ wallets By Darla Mercado

CNBC, 20th March 2019

Financial advisors take extra steps to protect elder clients from fraud or abuse By Annie Nova

CNBC, 24th February 2019


If you’re a ‘highly compensated employee,’ pay attention during open enrollment By Darla Mercado

CNBC, 13th November 2018

Four steps to fight off high medical expenses By Darla Mercado

CNBC, 15th August 2018

How you answer this question will determine how well you live in retirement By Lorie Konish

CNBC, 30th September, 2018


Unhealthy habits could destroy your retirement By Kelli B. Grant

CNBC, 6th June, 2017

From ‘Trump bump’ to ‘Trump slump’: How to navigate your investments By Michelle Singletary

The Whashington Post, 19th May, 2017

These 5 medical services will put a dent in your savings By Darla Mercado

CNBC, 29th April, 2017

Should you rent or own a home in retirement? By Michelle Singletary

CNBC, 24th April, 2017

Millennial money lessons: Retirement Saving 101 By Natalia Wojcik

CNBC, 5th April, 2017

Four Great Ways to Head Off a Financial Shock By Kelli B. Grant

CNBC, 5th April, 2017

Tightening the belt all the way around By BETSY SHEA-TAYLOR

CNBC, 19th March, 2017

How To Turn Your Finances Over To Someone Else, Part 2 By Larry Light

Forbes, 17th February, 2017

How To Turn Your Finances Over To Someone Else, Part 1 By Larry Light

Forbes, 12th February, 2017

The 7 smartest money moves to make at your first full-time job By Kathleen Elkins

CNBC, 6th February, 2017

How to help your parents protect their money By Liz Weston

Lincoln Journal Star, 30th January, 2017

Health savings accounts front and center amid Obamacare repeal efforts By Jeff Benjamin

Pensions&Investments, 17th January, 2017


When you need life insurance in your 20s and 30s By Sharon Epperson| Kelli B. Grant

CNBC, 20th December, 2016

Here’s how much most Americans think they need to save for retirement  By Kathleen Elkins

CNBC, 8th December, 2016

The single most important money habit to develop in your 20s  By Kathleen Elkins

CNBC, 17th November, 2016

Afraid of Losing Obamacare? Some Preventive Care From Financial Pros By Veronica Dagher

The Wall Street Journal, 13th November 2016

Words and Money: Your Health Insurance Questions Answered with Dr. Carolyn McClanahan By Dr. Carolyn McClanahan

The Wall Street Journal, 3th November 2016

Technology can offer support to advisers with aging clients By Liz Skinner

InvestmentNews, 27th October, 2016

Liz Weston: A president can’t fix your finances By Liz Weston

Fox News, 24th October 2016

New regulation may impact millions of retirement plans By Max Marbut

Jax Daily Record, 18th October 2016

Your strategy to contain the costs of long-term care By Michelle Singletary

The Washington Post, 27th September 2016

3 life insurance mistakes you can easily avoid; by Kelli B. Grant

CNBC Website, 16 September 2016

I’m a Saver. My Partner’s a Spender. Are We Doomed?; by Helaine Olen

Slate Website, 9 September 2016

Follow these tips now to save on Medicare; by Darla Mercado

CNBC Website, 4 August 2016

It’s key to factor in health costs when saving for retirement; by Ilana Polyak

CNBC Website, 25 July 2016

Benefits can be as valuable as a big paycheck; by Kelli B. Grant

CNBC Website, 21 July 2016

Why Getting off Your Bottom Is Good for Your Bottom Line; by Katherine Hobson, Elizabeth O’Brien, Ismat Sarah Mangla, 22 June 2016

The 401(k) Mistakes That Could Cost You a Bundle; by Kelli B. Grant

NBC News Website, 6 June 2016

Why filial laws are a ‘sleeping giant’ that could prompt long-term-care planning; by Greg Iacurci

InvestmentNews, 24 May 2016

Aha! A Dollars and Cents Reason to Lose Weight; by Anne Tergesen

The Wall Street Journal Website, 3 Feb 2016

How to bring sky-high health-care plan costs down to Earth; by Kenneth Kiesnoski

CNBC Website, 28 Jan 2016


The secret to financial success in 2016; by Landon Dowdy

CNBC Website, 22 Dec 2015

How to make a health savings account work for you; by Sharon Epperson | Judy Gee

CNBC Website, 12 Nov 2015

3 Ways to Make the Most of your FSA; by Kate Ashford, 22 Oct 2015

When Death Plays a Roll in a Financial Plan; by Rick Kahler, 21 Oct 2015

Retirement Deficit: Most Americans Face Post-Work Lifestyle Decline; by Kelli B. Grant, 14 Sep 2015

4 Ways to Protect Your Retirement Money From Scammers (and Your Future Self); by Liz Weston, 1 Sep 2015

Making Decisions on Elder Housing May Take a Team Effort; by John F. Wasik

New York Times website, 11 July 2015

Why End-Of-Life Planning Has Great Value; by Dan Moisand

Financial Advisor; 02 June 2015


Older Americans are ill-prepared for hefty health-care costs: Study; by Kelley Holland

CNBC Website; 15 October 2014

What you need to know about long-term care insurance; by Kathy Kristof

CBS NEWS Website; 18 June 2014

What Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Can Teach You (And Me) About Retirement; by April Rudin

Huffington Post Website; 9 June 2014

Plan to pay for future health costs; by Donna Rosato and Penelope Wang

CNN Money Website and Print Magazine; 28 February 2014

Looking to buy long-term care insurance? Check this story first; by Jim Pavia

CNBC Website; 25 February 2014

The Affordable Care experts; by David Port

Life Health Pro Website (; 25 February 2014

Fidelity loses some RIA assets over its new DFA/Vanguard fees but other RIAs crunch the numbers and soldier on; by Lisa Shidler

RIABiz Website (trade publication); 3 Janruary 2014


How to pay for health care in retirement; by Robert Powell

MarketWatch Website – The Wall Street Journal; 21 December 2013

Are platinum Obamacare plans worth higher price?; by Jonnelle Marte

MarketWatch Website – The Wall Street Journal; 18 December 2013

Financial advisors are cautiously optimistic for 2014: CNBC poll; by Jim Pavia

CNBC Website; 5 December 2013

4 Key End-of-Life Documents to Get in Order; by Sandra Block

Kiplinger Mobile Website; 3 December 2013

Should You Go To A Financial Advisor For Health Care Help?; by Sharon Epperson

NBR Website – produced by CNBC; 29 October 2013

Take Five: Carolyn McClanahan on health exchanges; by Darla Mercado

Investment News Website; 4 October 2013

Making Sense Of the Health Insurance Exchange: Carolyn McClanahan; by Patrick Donges, N.P.R., Jacksonville, Florida Website; 1 October 2013

First Coast Connect Podcast; with Melissa Ross, N.P.R., Jacksonville, Florida Website; 1 October 2013

Doctor busts myths around Affordable Care Act; with Adrienne Moore

WJXT News4Jax Website, Jacksonville, Florida; 30 September 2013

Doctor explains Affordable Health Care enrollment; with Adrienne Moore

WJXT News4Jax Website, Jacksonville, Florida; 30 September 2013

What You Need to Know about the Affordable Care Act and Health Insurance Exchanges; a Roundtable Discussion Moderated by Michael Kitces, CFP®,CLU®,ChFC®,RHU,REBC

Journal of Financial Planning Website; August 2013

11 Smartest Things Heard at the NAPFA Spring Conference; by Paula Vasan and Charles Paikert Website; 14 May 2013

Plan for Colossal Health Care Costs, NAPFA Audience Hears; by Paula Vasan Website; 9 May 2013


Retirement: How to Pay for Long-Term Care; by Carolyn T. Geer

Barron’s Website; 13 October 2012

Best advice to clients: Stay healthy; by Liz Skinner

Investment News Website; 16 September 2012

10 Strategies to Maximize Your 401(k) Balance; by Emily Brandon

US News and World Report Website; 12 September 2012

Why LTC Insurance is Better for Women; by Liz Skinner

Investment News Website; 28 August 2012

Live a Balanced Life; by Kate Stalter; 15 August 2012

Rx for Stock Portfolios; by Jonnelle Marte; 13 June 2012

Budgeting for Health Care in Retirement; by David Francis

US; 23 May 2012


Foreclosures Halt During Holidays; (WJXT – Jacksonville, FL); 5 December 2011

Tips for Maximizing Employee Healthcare; by Constance Gustke; 10 November 2011; also on

Family Physicians Volunteering Vital Services to Underserved; by P. Goudreau || My Community – The Beaches; 22 September 2011

Financial Planners Using Social Media; by Daisy Maxey

Wall Street Journal Online; 19 September 2011

Doctors & Investment Advice; by Ron Lieber

New York Times; 26 August 2011

Florida’s Credit Rating; Reported by Elizabeth Cate (WJXT – Jacksonville, FL); 16 August 2011

Estate Planning Article; by Martin Shenkman

Financial Planning Magazine; 1 August 2011

Adviser Makes Costs Hit Home; by Ian Salisbury

Dow Jones News Wire; 14 June 2011

The End of Prepaid Tuition Plans?; by Jilian Mincer

Wall Street Journal || ||; February 2011

Is Too Much Disclosure a Bad Thing?

Frontline News, June 10, 2011; Financial Planning Magazine, January 2011 Issue


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